Studio Memberships

Welcome to Studio Two14!

Whether you are just starting out or you have a full booking calendar, being a member has it's privileges.

Of course you don't have to be a member to shoot at Studio Two14, but there are a number of perks that make membership the way to go. If you are a professional photographer and enjoy working in studio, being a member will save you money and make you more profitable in the long run.

Priority booking

50% off the non-member rate

Up to 25% off events, workshops, and Training

A client lounge with full amenities

Full access to the Two14 Media Network, - includes photographer feature on our webpage.

On-site technical support



Annual Membership (Pre-Paid)

$420.00 $300.00

ONLY $25/Month - Save $120!

1 Year pre-paid membership

This package contains:

  • Annual Membership (Advance Pay)

    ONLY $25/Month - Save $120!

    Set yourself up for success by budget your monthly shoot expenses. Your membership will pay for it self after only 5 sessions. 

    • Billed up front

    • All the member benefits

    • 12-month minimum contract - billed the same day each year

    • Contract Auto-renews until cancelled


Annual Membership (Monthly)


Keep your business on budget $35/Month

1 Year Membership - Billed monthly

This package contains:

  • Annual Membership (Monthly)

    Keep your business on budget $35/Month

    Easily plan out your shooting schedule and monthly expenses with this plan. Studio Two14 is here to help you grow your photography business.

    • All the member benefits

    • 12-month minimum contract, billed on the same day each month

    • Contract Auto-renews until cancelled

90-Day Starter (Pre-Paid)


Check it out for $40/Month

90-Day pre-paid trial membership

This package contains:

  • 90-Day Starter

    Working through a busy season, or just want to get a feel for Studio Two14? For a limited time we are offering a 90-day starter membership. If you find value in being a member (and we are sure you will) Convert your membership to a full member at anytime, for $180 at the Annual Membership rate.

    • All the member benefits

    • 3-month contract, billed in advance

    • Contract is cancelled unless converted

Starter Membership Upgrade


We knew you'd love it!

Upgrade your starter membership to an Annual pre-paid membership

This package contains:

  • Starter Membership Upgrade

    Turn your 90-Day starter into a full membership.  Your annual membership is effective from the date you started. Enjoy all of the benefits of membership for the rest of the year!

    • All the member benefits

    • 12-Month contract billed in advance - Starts on the date of original 90-Days

    • Contract automatically renews unless cancelled

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